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Messages and teachings, Testimonies and biographies, Motivational articles and true stories...based on Apostolic teaching, fellowship, breaking of bread and prayers. Acts 2:42.
Jesus prayed


Before the great miracle, Jesus went to solitary place and prayed. He preached about the kingdom of God to 5000. Then we know rest of the story.
Jesus gave


When His disciples were hungry, He multiplied two fishes and five loves and fed the hungry souls. He gave away word and food.
Jesus sends


Faithful follower of Jesus follows him, and they go wherever He sends them. This is us. He promised I will be with you even to the end of the world.

We are not by accident, We are here by God's perfect purspose.

After this I saw a vast crowd, too great to count, from every nation and tribe and people and language. Jesus Christ has one Church and this is His body. He wants us to get connected with each other.

History of Christians in Nepal

This is a long history of Christians in Nepal. Learn how the gospel spread in Nepal.

Just as mountains are covered with snows, so shall the word of God shall cover this land.

Preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ from top of the world to all way around.

Christian contribution to the state

State sees Christian community as second class citizens. Learn what Christian Community have contributed to the state.

You are precious

You are precious. You may be an ordinary person to the world. But you are precious and God loves you just as you are. Don't let what you see demotivate you. Dust in gold does not make gold worthless, gold is gold after all. You are gold.

During the reign of Laxmi Narsingha Malla, ruler of Kantipur, 1620-1641, Portuguese Father Juan Carlos, in 1628 AD brought the message of the gospel to Nepal.

The King granted Father to preach the gospel with the royal seal. He had permission from the King to preach Christianity in Kathmandu valley.

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Our Belief

We are non-denominational and we respect everyone's opinion. We won't force you to believe what we believe.

Church in Nepal

Be a part of Church in Nepal initiative. We share love, food and we help people in need because we want to grow.


Church in Nepal is the activities of many Pastors and Leaders around Nepal. They are not paid, they are paid by God to the full.

You can join

There are various ministry opportunities that you can join and bless the people of Nepal. Give what you can, learn and take back.


Send, volunteer or join for the greater impact on the lives of people in Nepal.


Share your love by sending food relief and School supplies for the poor children.


Sponsor a poor Child with $ 30+ today and reshape his/her future for the better.